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College Football Gridiron 365

Jul 27, 2018

Matt is back from SEC and AAC Media Days and we talk about some of the hot topics from there, including:

  • Which new SEC coach impressed him most.
  • How coaches are looking at new redshirt rule.
  • And how many lobsters he ate at the AAC clambake. 

We then catch up on the countdown, highlighting the following teams:

No. 57...

Jul 18, 2018

Matt and Bill Hancock discuss last season including criticism from UCF fans as well as his ‘dream’ candidates for the selection committee, his passion for travel (he went to China in February) and how he’s a huge World Cup fan.

Jul 17, 2018

Matt and the commissioner discuss the move to Atlanta, the impact of legalized sports betting, Mike Slive’s legacy and what he’s listening to right now (U2 Experience channel on Sirius).