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College Football Gridiron 365

Aug 25, 2018

Our college football countdown started at No. 129 back in April - now we are at No. 1 and ready for the season to begin.

Teams we discuss on this podcast:

10. Washington

9. Auburn

8. Wisconsin

7. USC

6. Oklahoma

5. Ohio State

4. Georgia

3. Miami

2. Clemson

1. Alabama

Aug 22, 2018

Karl Benson talks about when he made the decision to step away as commissioner, what he plans on doing in his retirement, whether he’s interested in a spot on the College Football Playoff selection committee and his thoughts on conference realignment.

Aug 16, 2018

On this week's podcast, we talk about:

No. 16 Stanford

No. 15 Mississippi State

No. 14 Notre Dame

No. 13 Virginia Tech

No. 12 Penn State

No. 11 Michigan State

Aug 10, 2018

On this week's podcast, we talk about:

No. 24 Texas A&M

No. 23 Oklahoma State

No. 22 Boise State

No. 21 LSU

No. 20 TCU

No. 19 Northwestern

No. 18 UCF

No. 17 West Virginia

Aug 10, 2018

An interview with Bill Bender of The Sporting News. He was in Columbus this week and took in Ohio State practice as well as the fan rally. We discussed the Urban Meyer situation in detail as well as what he thinks could happen as well as the impact on the Big Ten race.